What are keywords used for and how do they work?

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Keywords seem to be a main focal point for internet marketing and search engine optimization. My goal here is to add some clarity to them and simplify the process of finding good keywords to use for ranking your website.

What is a Keyword used for?

A keyword is a word that can be typed into a search engine such as Google to find a list of resources (websites) that show up under the keyword you have typed into the search field. Another wards they are used to find something you are looking for. It could be just about anything that you can think of.

An example would be someone who might be looking to fix an air conditioning unit for their house.








When this is typed into the search engine, Google provides the user with what they think are the most useful search results according to the keyword or keyword phrase. The results will be a list of the top websites like websites that can be created from within Wealthy Affiliate.com on a Word Press platform for example.

How do keywords help your website get ranked?

Search engines have what are called web bots in the background of the internet that go through all the websites on the internet at least once a month and grade a website according to an Algorithm. A search Engine will take results and rank accordingly. That is why it is important to have good engagement with users that visit your website, as well as quality content that will help lead you to getting ranked under keywords. As you move forward with training with W.A., you will notice there is a lot of emphasis on this.

Most people think that they must base their content around the search engines because ultimately that is where your website will get ranked. This is actually a backwards mindset, in reality good quality content and engaging content that focuses on the users reading the content is what the search engines are looking for.

Understanding the true power of a keyword is the most powerful thing an online marketer can use as it is the grounds of someone who is searching for help. Where there is a demand or a need for something, there is a business you can build around that need. The next step after you have found a keyword is to write content targeting the keyword… In my example I would target “fixing a air conditioning unit” for the content that would be going on my website.

It is important that you understand the metrics involved in keywords such as (traffic volume and low competition) through tools that help find good keywords like jaaxy.com. Using this tool will give you a significant advantage in beating out your competition in any niche. Below is an example of a keyword search using jaaxy for the keyword phrase “fixing a air conditioning unit”








As the picture shows here, there is (monthly searches) which is an estimate of searches done per month on the keyword. QSR is a variable that shows the true number of your competition or competing pages you would be up against in all of Google. Then there is traffic, it is not necessarily important to have high traffic although high traffic is good. I have noticed that high traffic/low competition is hard to find, so I tend to go for what they call (low hanging fruit). An example would be one of the keywords in the picture above (troubleshooting air conditioners). Notice that the traffic is around 47 that is okay. You will find an abundance of these kind of keywords as you perform keyword research using jaaxy that have a QSR of under 300 and are quite easy to rank for.

Once a website gets ranked by Google on the 1st page in search engines their relevant page shows up in the listings. This is the key to getting traffic because your website will end up getting traffic based off the “people” searching for those keywords.

The keywords = Traffic!  Traffic = Opportunity to earn income!

Once the traffic is flowing to your website you have the opportunity to make money from the website.  The money made is also passive income, meaning once you have done the work once it never will have to be done again unless your looking to update and make a couple changes to the content.   The money earned on a website can be made in MANY different ways.  You can earn income through PPC marketing and advertising, Affiliate marketing programs like Amazon, you can even build out an email list or build a network of people that are interested in you niche market through Social Media such as Facebook.

One example of an affiliate program for air conditioning units would be ACWholesalers.com.  They offer a 5% commission on net sales that your site generates for central air conditioning units.















If my website were to rank for a keyword such as “trouble shooting air conditioners”, there is a good possibility that my traffic might just buy a new air conditioning unit.  That is better than trying to spend hours trying to fix one themselves or pay money to a technician to come out and possibly fix it, only to have it break on them again later on down the road .  If I sent them to this website through the affiliate program, I would earn a 5% commission on each sale, prices vary on products from 250.00 all the way up to 3,000.00 so the commissions could pay out fairly well.

However, none of this is possible if you don’t have good content.  Quality content is so important and crucial to your success online.

So as a beginner where do you start?  The first and most important steps are to build a website, find your keywords through keyword research and build out your content around your (targeted keywords), getting the traffic and then earning the money.

So many people just focus on the the money that they loose focus on what makes a website useful to people in the first place.  A question I always ask my clients is “Why should people go to your site?”  It’s certainly not so the customer can help you get paid and leave the customers with nothing of value right? That would be just plain flat out a WRONG mindset to have if you are doing business in my opinion.  So why should people go to your site?  This will help in creating quality content around your (targeted keywords) that will bring value to people.  If you make that your main focus instead of money then eventually the money will come next.  Remember though, you have to bring traffic to your site to earn money and you can’t do that without quality content.

Search Engines will find you but you must create content that is quality.

Every time you post or create a new page on your website you will want to find a keyword phrase. The concept of your content should revolve around a specific keyword.  At the same time you should also be creating content that brings value to the reader or customer and helps them out in some fashion.

A few years back there was automation tools that people would use that would spin up content and manufacture “FAKE CONTENT” and trick the search engines.  DO NOT DO THIS, it will kill your website rankings and it is no longer relevant in today’s techniques for ranking a website with content.

The search engines such as Google do rank websites very well that do provide the value to the reader through content that I have been talking about.  As the time ticks away they are getting better grasp on what constitutes as engaging content, of quality and what should be ranked higher in the search results based off these factors.

Does Every keyword you target get ranked?

The answer is NO.  If every keyword you selected got ranked then everyone would be a millionaire.  That is not the way the world works online and in the real world not everyone is a millionaire.  The goal is to post as much quality content as you can under keywords that you select.  Some keywords will rank and some will not.  I know from my own personal experience that when I built my first website I was so focused in on keywords for my websites home page and trying to rank that I forgot about trying to post quality content and guess what… I never ranked.   The reason for this is I was distracted from trying to create more quality content.  Many of my challenge were overcoming the physiological road blocks within myself.   Forget about just trying to rank under a few keywords, that would be similar to “putting all your eggs in one basket.” Ranking keyword is out of your control. This is why so many people will fail in taking this approach because they spend so much time and energy trying to rank on one or two keywords and they don’t get ranked.  When they don’t get ranked they get discouraged because they have failed and they quit and give up.  Don’t worry about it, just keep creating content.  I can tell you that eventually you will ensure your ranking for a few pages.

Once you have your first page ranked you will get a little motivation to keep going and then before you know it you will have 4 or 5 pages ranking.  If you just keep posting page after page…. before you know it, your at 10 pages ranking.  You see the pattern?  It takes work and some patience.  Someone once told me that “success is guarded by challenges and failures.”  So if you fail don’t look at it as (you are a failure.) People are not failures, they may fail at an event but it does not make them a failure in life.

Are you are still confused or have any questions or concerns about keyword research that you want to discuss? Please feel free to post your question or comment below and I would be delighted to help in any way I can.  :-)

NOTE: If you are looking for a tool to find your keywords and want to have a competitive edge on your competition, you need to get your hands on jaaxy.  This is by far the best product I have used for keyword research!


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