My Lead System Pro – 55 points

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A review for My Lead System Pro, is it worth the hype?

Name: My Lead System ProMLPS1
Price: Price range varies from 149.97 per month to 1,499.97 per year.
Owners: Norbert Orlewicz, President and Cofounder: Todd Schlomer, CEO and cofounder: Brian Fanale
Overall Rank:
58 out of 100

What exactly is My Lead System Pro?

Sometimes referred to as a “bread winner” amongst network marketing companies, My Lead System Pro was started in 2008. This program has a philosophy similar to the content and concept in the book “The Secret”.  What you “believe or think” is going to happen, “will happen.”  This thought process I am not against what so ever but it requires hard work and determination as well.   Network marketing systems at their core are based around people and actions. The system really depends on you to sponsor other people in order to sell the program itself.

MLSP affiliates also have connections with Empower Network and David Wood who is the founder of that program.

It sounds nice but if you are anything like me, I live in the REAL world where it takes more than just thoughts but also hard work, perseverance, passion and determination to achieve goals and to “LIVE the DREAM” as MSLP puts it.  I have tried MLM models in the past before I got into internet marketing and it is a more directed for offline marketing and talking face to face with people.  Good old fashion 1 on 1 sales that I am not a big fan of it.  It comes off a bit scammy and in the review I am giving, I will cover the different components that make up the MLM system and let you decide if this is a system that is a GOOD fit for you or NOT.

Weighing the Pro’s and Con’s of MLSP


  • Several areas of marketing and information are covered that are not covered by other programs.
  • The marketing material does not have false claims that this is a “hands off” or auto pilot system.
  • They have good engagement with their members offering contests that help keep you motivated.
  • They have a “member of the month” to recognize those that have earned it through determination and hard work.
  • Free webinars with the latest updated information that is up for review since internet marketing is constantly evolving.


  • The program is way over priced.
  • A lot of the marketing strategy and techniques require you to spend a lot of money in order to implement.
  • There is a high rate of complaints about the program being a scam online.
  • The website is not kept up to date or (current).
  • The program is set up through a MLM model forcing you to sell it to other people to see any results or success.

Who is My Lead system For?

Training in this system is meant to be used by everyone who wants to earn an income online.  It is important to make sure that you understand, that you must have your own product in order to market either before you get started or shortly after you have started.

The volume of information and training in this program can be overwhelming at times for beginners and for people with experience it seems that they have to explore through way to much information in order to get their system off the ground and actually running successfully.

MLSP’s Platform overview, the tools and training to make it work.

There is a ton of tools to utilize in this program.  Some of the tools included are webinars, video presentations and much more such as hosting for your website and building tools that come with the program as well. Once the basics are completed and applied then you can harness the power of more evolved tools like Facebook fan page templates and sales funnels.   There are other tools provided like the marketing schedule, which also schedules the contests.  If you are organized like me it will help keep you on track and from getting distracted with your progress.

 What can you expect from support and expert help?

There is support and expert help that is available to customers here.  They do a good job of really helping their members here.  Not only are there ways to get in touch with customer support but they offer ways to also get in contact with other members who can mentor and help along the way.  You also do not have to feel alone here as if you are the only one that is beginning your journey.  Other members who are beginners will reach out or can be contacted for help as well.

The pricing for the MLSP Program is outrageous!

I hate to say this or sound negative but the pricing for their one year program is too steep bottom line.  I mean who has 1,497.00 per year to spend on an MLM program?  I know when I did the MLM program for Amway, it did not even cost that much for a year of paying for my own product and attending all the conferences I went to, and those conferences filled stadiums by the thousands to watch the big dogs speak.  So how much does My Lead system Pro actually cost?  Well there is some confusion that comes with the pricing of this system, so allow me to help you out.

There is a Academy Membership you can start for just $2 for a 3 day trial and then it will convert over to $19.97 every month there after.

The Pro Gold Membership which you can take for a 2 week trial that goes for just $9.95 and converts over to $49.97 a month.

For My Lead System Pro Platinum Membership which will cost $99 each month and you can begin this membership for the $2 trial and simply update later on.

Then you have the My Lead System Pro Mastery Membership the cost is $149 every month. There are two levels to this membership.  The basic level which starts at 149.97 per year or the 1,499.97 a year membership which includes extra’s like website building and hosting that is included in this price, the Facebook fan page template and other tools that can be incorporated in your own new business to help you out.

Like most network marketing organizations that you can choose from, My Lead System Pro gives you opportunity to make money but only through dependencies on selling product to other people and from your down line selling product to people .  Programs like these are good for self development and will probably teach you how to be a better business owner or how to run a business properly.  However,  the real people making money at MLSP are the ones at the top of the pyramid versus those people that are actually using the system to generate leads to their MLM companies they are involved with.

This program is truly taking from the poor and giving to the rich and it is a good example of how people are sold on a dream of hope that they won’t have to work because others will do it for them.  Anything that you get involved with where someone tells you that you can make money residual without having to maintain it, work hard for it or just kick back your legs and let it run on autopilot is fooling you.  It’s a shame how many people get ripped off by programs like that because they think they can just stop doing any work and the money will come flowing in. Anything that pays money to you will always require work.  I don’t care if you are investing in stocks… you still have to do work or research and study relentlessly to keep your money coming in. Same here with this program, because it’s MLM and your money depends on others below you to sell product you will be spending a whole lot of time motivating, managing and coaching others.

The Final Verdict!

Name: My Lead System Pro
Website url:
Price: Ranges from $149.97 per month to $1499.97 per year
Owner: Norbert Orlewicz, President and Cofounder
Todd Schlomer, CEO and Cofounder Brian Fanale
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100

 Have a question, opinion, or review about My Lead System Pro (MLSP)?  If so, please do drop me a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you right away.  Thanks!

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