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Jaaxy -The King of Keyword Research tools with awesome power!jaaxy

I have to admit that keyword research is the most exciting part in the process of marketing a website. I get really excited when I start looking for keywords because I know there are niches and markets out there that are still waiting to be tapped into. I relate the concept of finding good keywords in the keyword research to the (California Gold Rush of 1848 – 1855). Back then everyone was looking for gold, trying to get their piece of the pie but if you were selling shovels to the people digging for gold you would have made a fortune! The same concept applies for keywords. The search engines are like a huge keyword library to find what it is you need or what it is you are looking for.

My big beef with Keyword tools…

I have tried a few of the keyword tools on the market and what I have learned is that each tool can produce a ton of data to cypher through. One thing I like to do is cut right through the fluff when looking for keywords, make a selection of keywords and move on to building the website or page with in my website. However this is easier said than done. Especially when I am spending hours upon hours trying to cypher through data on keywords to pick a good keyword. The problem is, that most keyword tools don’t produce any metrics that obtain any value at all. Here are just a few things to watch for when looking at purchasing or using a keyword tool.

(1) If you have to INSTALL anything, DO NOT USE IT!
(2) A tool that uses Alexa as the key component in determining competition
(3) Anything that provides PPC guesstimates.
(4) A tool that requires several searches to accomplish a single task.
(5) Tools that don’t pull results from ALL search engines

These are all indicators that usually the keyword tool is a low grade search tool. It doesn’t take long to realize that some of these tools provide users with absolutely useless data and are incapable at getting at the meaningful data.

Let me Introduce to you a new tool… Jaaxy Enterprise.

Like I said earlier, I really don’t care for most of the keyword tools that are out there. They just don’t provide accurate data or offer to much data and I end up spending to much time trying to find a keyword I want.

When doing research on a niche market there are really just 3 things to pay attention to:

  1. What is the competition like for the keyword you are looking at choosing?
  2. How much traffic can you get from the keyword?
  3. Does your keyword make sense?

The first two are things that JAAXY enterprise can accurately retrieve data on and the last one is really just “common sense”. I have yet to witness a keyword tool that can ACCURATELY report on the first two tasks mentioned above the way JAAXY can.

If you can capture the reporting on competition, traffic and the keywords making sense, you can literally take over the search engines with content and a release of videos for your website. It sounds easy right? That is because it really is that easy, you just have to make sure that these 3 criteria are captured and met. We will get into criteria being met on keywords later but first look at these 3 crucial parts of research. It is a MUST to have this data…

Finding “Income Producing” keywords is a simplified art!

The biggest ASSUMPTION or fear based on a LACK of keyword knowledge is that the niche people are wanting to get into has too much competition.

The problem I have is not having enough time to research and find all the “NO COMPETITION” niches that are readily available. If you know how to research keywords with a good quality keyword tool you will find that there is actually an abundance of keywords, ideas and niches that can be utilized to build a full time income from. I guess that would be considered a good problem instead of a bad problem.

With a tool like Jaaxy you can create a successful campaign “at will” because finding keywords in a niche has never been easier.   Having Jaaxy gives you a competitive edge over other keyword tools because you can uncover things that other keyword tools simply can not access.  Below I’ll give a couple of examples on keywords and niches I do not have any knowledge about.  I will show you just how easy it is to find a good keyword with low competition, traffic and a keyword making sense all at the same time.  I’m first going to try and target a keyword that has 300 or below on competing pages in all of the pages in Google.

Casey’s Niche Choice #1: Women’s Lipstick

Search 1: keywords that were found on (women’s lipstick)

ONE search – 12 keywords

One Search 12 Keywords

With one broad search in Jaaxy I have found 12 keyword phrases with a competition of less than 300.  All of these keywords would be fairly easy to rank under in Google.   One search took approximately 20 seconds or less and I came up with 12 keywords I could successfully start a campaign targeting women’s lipstick and women’s lipstick products.

Now lets take another example of niche choice.

Casey’s Niche Choice #2: men’s dress shoes

Search 2: keywords that were found on (mens dress shoes)

ONE search –  25 keywords


Just like that I have another selection of keywords to use for my website under (mens dress shoes.)  So for two searches under two totally different niches it took around 40 seconds to pull up data on both of these.  In fact if anyone that was visiting this website and was interested in either of these topics, they would have some really good keywords to work with straight from this search I did myself.

To do this with other keyword tools could literally take hours.  Even then, lets say you got a few keywords that you thought were pretty good, chances are you would waste a lot of time and energy on campaigns because the data you received was not accurate to begin with.  This shows you how efficient Jaaxy really is and how you  can harness the true power of Jaaxy. One other thing that I find is really cool with this tool is the ability to view the domains that are available to buy without going to a hosting company like Name Cheap or GoDaddy.  From the search menu it will give live instant information on what domains you can actually purchase.














There are 3 flavors of the SEO keyword suggestion tool.  There is a free trial that runs for 30 free searches, a standard pro edition which gives you a little more access and flexibility and then there is the Enterprise edition.  The Enterprise Edition is by far the most awesome of all 3 giving you complete access to utilize the full capabilities of Jaaxy.  Below is the prices on the 3 selections.

Jaaxy Starter = Free

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month (discount this week only), $499 per year

I have just brushed the surface of what Jaaxy can do.  There are tools within the system that allow you to view your site rankings so there is no need to go to webmaster tools unless you want to really deep dive into full control of keywords and what campaigns are actually doing on a daily basis.  The site ranking feature will allow you to see where you are and what page your website is actually on and it’s position.

Choose the Jaaxy that best fits YOUR needs here!

I have personally invested in the Enterprise Edition because I have tried the free version and have been very pleased with it.  I am a person who does not like to waste time and I want everything Jaaxy can provide since I am a serious about my online business.  You can access this tool anywhere at any time.  I find myself using it from my phone or in my free time when I’m gathering ideas in my head.  I can do a search on the spot wherever I am at and get keywords that I can save to a list.  I can go back to them at a later time when I’m creating page for my website and I want to rank a post that I am working on or I’ll purchase a domain if the .com is available for future projects.

Get your Jaaxy research tool today, helping your business with success!

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  1. Ubersuggest is great and I used it a lot before I found KeywordDonkey.KeywordDonkey does the same as Ubersuggest, but you can leave it with a laregs keyword list, so you don’t have to copy/paste all day.

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