How marketing online can help your business

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The importance of Marketing online

Let me tell you about the importance of marketing a business online and HOW IT CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS.  The internet is ever evolving and with this fact in mind, more and more people are turning to the internet for shopping, gathering information, sharing information and watching videos ect…  There are over 2 billion people on the internet at any given moment, of any given day that you can reach out to and communicate with.  There are tools like search engines, email, mobile devices and social media that you can use to communicate with other people.  The possibilities are endless of what you can do with these resources if you really want to do something or make a difference in the world.

We have the capability right now with the CLICK of a button to reach out and communicate with millions of people across the world instantly.  So, when people say that online marketing is dead, I simply don’t listen to them.  It is just to powerful of a fact to ignore that online marketing is to powerful, effective and will be around for a very long time to label it as DEAD.

You have a website, now what?

I have a friend who was having a hard time pulling in business for his I.T. company that offers hosting services, networking systems implementation and consulting.  I told him that in order to get business to his website he would need to do some work on the marketing side of his website which is  He just looked at me with a BLANK look in his face and said “well I am marketing through Facebook and have an AD in the paper.”  I told him “That is great but you have to do more than just Facebook and an AD in the paper.”  He knew how to build websites but didn’t know much about the marketing aspect of it.    That is THE MAIN POINT to this story is that just because you have a website, that does NOT MEAN it is going to bring in all sorts of business right away.

You have to MARKET, MARKET and MARKET your product or service through all kinds of variations of marketing.  You should be doing both, marketing Offline and ONLINE.

It takes time to get a business off the ground, offline and online (for the most part).  There are exceptions to this statement if you have money to pay Google but for the majority of people it does take some time, patience and some hard work.  So be patient and be persistent with your marketing efforts it will pay off eventually.

Targeting an audience

When you are promoting a product or service you should ask yourself “who is going to be INTERESTED in your product?”  If you are selling basketballs, you would want to target people who play basketball only.  This saves a lot of wasted time in the wrong areas trying to promote to an audience that does not want the product or service.  Common sense right?  Well I am amazed at how many people don’t follow this simple piece of information when it comes to marketing.

This is also where keywords come into play.  If you pick what they call “long tail keywords” that will help narrow down your audience as well.   A (smaller audience) will usually convert more buyers of your product or service.

A FREE marketing technique

It is always important when it comes to marketing, to know where to go to market or what tools to use.  Do you want to spend some money or try some FREE techniques and methods of marketing to start out with?  What does your budget look like?

If you are looking for free methods of marketing there is one technique that works really well and is very beneficial.  It’s called GOOGLE ALERTS.   The concept behind this marketing is to create alerts when new content has been created on your product or service, by someone else via a blog or web post on a website.  An alert will come to your email letting you know of the new content with a link to the blog or post.  You can view the content and make comments on it and leave a link pointing back to your website or blog.

Sound confusing?  Don’t worry I will show you step by step how all of  this works in the steps below:

(1) Go to Google and type in Google alerts in the search field.

Google alerts

(2) Select (Google Alerts – Monitor the web for interesting new content)  at the top of the list .

(3)  Type in a keyword phrase for an alert you would like to create on new content being added to the web that RELATES to your NICHE, product or service.  CLICK on create alert after you have typed in the keyword phrase in the field and it will create an alert like in the example below – (vba training)


(4) CLICK on the PEN icon to the far right to edit the alert.


You can change the alert to notify you once a day, once a week or once a month ect…

(5) Go check your email address the alert is set up to be sent to and see if any alerts have came in to your email address.  Open up the alerts and go through each blog or new peice of content and leave comments (if you can) with a link directeing back to your website in your comment.


If you do this at least twice a week you will greatly increase your chances of capturing traffic from people visiting those wbsites.  You MUST make sure that your keyword phrase relates to your NICHE otherwise your website won’t be related to the content on the blogs coming in through the alerts and it will appear SPAMMY.

This is a great way to get more visibility to your website.  The other FREE methods are of course social media and we will get ito those at a later time but for now this is one method I use right after I get a website built with about 4 to 5 pages.

If you have any questions or need more help finding marketing techniques or if you have any of your own marketing techniques you want to share please leave a comment below.

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