Writing quality web content

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Writing quality content for your website is one of the most important things you can do to help with your website getting ranked in the search engines.  With that being said, the question that a lot of people ask is “How do you write quality content?”  There is really only one answer to that question and it’s pretty simple.  Write content that gives value to your readers.  Make sure that you write about topics that people can learn from. To get some good ideas on content to write you can look to the search engines or you can turn to GOOGLE ALERTS to get ideas from new blogs being created everyday.

SEO content writing tips

There is a method to writing quality web content that will definitely help your readers and help with visitors staying on your website and wanting to READ more.  Before we start on the layout of what makes good quality content, lets first cover a couple rules to follow.  the #1 RULE to follow when writing content.  That is DO NOT COPY other websites content word for word.  It might be okay to take what someone else has written and reword it in your own words or put a twist on it but that is about it.  The #2 RULE is that if you are going to use a copied template that is fine but make sure again that you are changing the words in your header titles and making it into your own words.  The last RULE is DO NOT use too many keywords in a repetitive way.

There use to be an assumption that keyword density in your content mattered and search engines would rank you higher but that is not the case after the Panda update Google released a few years back.


  1. DO NOT COPY word for word, others writings
  2. Change the header titles in each section from a copied template into your own words if you decide to use someone else’s template.
  3. Stay away from keyword density it doesn’t carry much weight

 Content that relates with your NICHE

Another very important topic to cover is making sure that your content relates to your topic or NICHE that your website revolves around.  So if you have a website about working from home you might want to make sure that your content has something to do with working from home.  Maybe write some content about reviews on the different types of programs there are on “Working from home”.  There are thousands of programs on Working from home which would give you multiple pages to create content on.

The more content you come up with the better chances you have of ranking under different keywords.  There is one more thing to look at when you are writing content and that is… “DOES the CONTENT FLOW”?

Making sure the content flows

When people read content they want to read content that is easy to read and makes sense.  I have found out just by asking people to read over my own content that I put on the websites I have built, that some people will skim over content while others will read word for word what you have wrote.  This is why if you look over the this page I have written here or any of my other pages on this site, you will notice that I break it down into sections covering different parts of the same topic.

I will also highlight words in bold, underline and include bullet lists so that it makes reading easier on the eyes. This gives a feel and look to the reader that the content is spaced out, organized and flows easily.  ADD a couple pictures, search engines like it when you have a picture here and there on your web pages.  You can also include links within your pages that point back to another page on your website, which shows search engines that you trust your own site.  This another tip  helps when it comes to ranking on GOOGLE.

If you can accomplish well written content in this manner you have a much better chance of keeping people on your site for longer periods of time and possibly CONVERTING them to repeat visitors or BUYERS of a product or service.  REMEMBER CONTENT is KING!

 Example of: Breaking content down into sections

content layout










If you have other methods to writing good content that would benefit a website and keep visitors interested in coming back to a website, please feel free to add your input below in the comments.

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