Affordable SEO marketing methods

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Spending money on marketing a business or website can be difficult.  There are many challenges you may face when it comes to a budget and affordable SEO marketing methods.  Do you have enough money to market or start a campaign and still keep the business on a surplus or (positive balance)?  Who can you trust for marketing that is affordable?

What are ways to market, to reduce cost?

There many different ways you can market a website or business.  Your first decision should be deciding which direction you want to take to market the business.  Do you want to market offline or online?  I usually try to do both because I can focus on both at the same time with out spending a whole lot of money.  I prefer to Market online however because it tends to be more affordable believe it or not.

What is marketing offline vs. online?

  • Online Marketing – Marketing that requires you to use online tools to market such as Social Media, email marketing lists,article writing, PPC marketing, Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense ect…
  • Offline Marketing – Marketing that does not require access to the internet.  Handing out business cards, flyers direct sales face to face and so on…

Understanding the relationship between search engines and back links

Search Engines are very complex when it comes to determining what actually makes a good website.  If you understand how they work it will make marketing more EFFECTIVE.

Search Engine Grading Basics:  There is something called web bots that comb through the millions of websites and content that are out on the internet and the web bots give a grade (so to speak) to the website which determines it’s ranking.  Web Sites are graded based on several factors such as design layout, quality content, keywords, social media, user interaction and back links just to name a few.  It is important to understand that these grading factors that are considered by the search engines, do change from time to time.  A good  example of this was the Google PANDA update that was released a few years back.

This update effected millions of people online that were using incorrect marketing techniques or trying to cheat Google.  When I say (CHEAT), I mean that they were using tools that spun up writing content for them based off a keyword.  It was not original material and some people were using auto pilot programs that created artificial back links.  STAY AWAY from tools like these, they will only hurt your website rankings.

Create visibility for your website

I like to use the analogy of selling your car to promoting a website.  If you have a Porche that you want to sell would you keep it in your garage?  Would you just pray and hope someone finds you without doing anything? Chances are with that kind of mind set you will NEVER sell the Porche.  The same concept applies with promoting and marketing a website.

You have TO CREATE EXPOSURE and VISIBILITY to the WEBSITE.  So how do you go about doing this?

First, you have to create back links and start linking up your website to other websites that relate to your topic or that would offer a way to advertise.

What is a back link?  Anytime you hear the term back link it means that on either a BLOG or POST that is out on the internet, a LINK exists that points back to another website.   Back links are beneficial because they give you a way to capture traffic off of someone elses website or BLOG that relates to your NICHE.

So for example, if you wanted to create a back link to your website you could create the HTML link to your website on your FACEBOOK (ABOUT ME) section.  Anyone that visits your Facebook page can then access your website straight from there without having to go to a Search Engine.  Below is a list of different marketing tools you can use to create back links to capture traffic that DON’T COST ANYTHING.

  1. Back link to all your social media pages like FACEBOOK, TWITTER and GOOGLE Plus.  If you don’t have a profile on any of these social media you will want to do so.
  2. Once you have a profile on these social media sites start building up a network by following people who are in your NICHE.
  3. Sign up for GOOGLE ALERTS and start making comments and leaving BACK LINKS on other web content related to your NICHE.
  4. Write a few articles and post to Ezine articles, or a couple others that are available.


social media







This is not the meat and potatoes of internet marketing but it will help with drawing traffic to your site so you can start converting some of the visitors to buyers or repeat visitors.

Build Trust with your visitors online

One of the most valuable things to visitors that land on your site, is having the feeling of TRUST that you are a legit resource.  There are so many people putting information out on the internet that most of the time it is hard to know wether or not someone is a legit source for the information.

How do you build trust? Be honest with people about the information you are putting out there.  If you don’t know if something works tell people that and ask for some feed back by leaving comments.  One thing I always do is leave my websites open for comments.  It gets conversations going and search engines recognize that as (user interactions) which helps rank you in the search engines.

If people ask questions and contact you directly, respond back to them even if it isn’t making you money right off the bat.  It creates a BRAND with in you and your site.  This creates TRUST which will eventually  come back to you in the form of repeating visitors who just might start buying a service or product from you.











These are some of the things that you can do right away when you have a website you are trying to promote to people online.   Remember, if you want to SELL the PORCHE, you have to get it out of the garage and on a highway where people can see it or get a banner on the highway telling people where to go to find the Porche.

You can also check out some of the FREE videos from wealthy affiliate that show you the importance of Social Media Right here.  JUST SIGN UP for a FREE membership and get access to free marketing methods that cost NOTHING.

If you know of any other free marketing methods either online or offline that work and are beneficial in ranking a website leave a comment below or contact me at  If you know of any tools that don’t work please share with me and others so we can all save ourselves time, energy and hard earned money.

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