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About everyone is familiar with Google and thier search engine but not everyone is familiar with all the search engine tools that come with Google.  Google has some good FREE advertising tools which we will cover along with Google Adwords in this article.

 Nothing beats Google’s FREE Advertising!

Have you ever heard of Google Plus?   If you own a business, it is a great way to get your name out there fairly quick and get in direct contact with people who might be searching for your product or service.  Become a part of the community with Google Plus and build a network.

Network marketing has always been a way you can advertise a product without doing all the work of a face to face sales pitch.  It allows you to tap into something multi-level marketing companies or (MLM) have been doing for years with out having to coach a down line of people to push a product or service for you.

Now Google has allowed you to create your own community and build a network so that when anything new is released with in your business you can post it as a post or (AD) to your community or followers.  They have basically taken the FACEBOOK advertising concepts and created their own version of advertising straight from their own users on their search engine.

Here is how it works.

  1. Type the keyword (Google Places for business) in the Google search engine.
  2. CLICK on the link Google places for business at the top of the search results.
  3. Create a new business page for Google Plus.
  4. Go to EDIT Profile.

Google Plus 2


5. Add some information in your about me section and LINK your website URL to the business page.

Google Plus 3











6.  Add your picture and a cover background image and you are on your way to advertising in Google.

WATCH the VIDEO on Google Plus

Building a Google social network site

After you have created your Google Plus page the next important step is to start building a network of (Circles) of friends or customers.  You can also CREATE a community or hang out place that gives you a way to BRAND yourself as people start following you.

Why is this good for you and your business?  Having a network that you can build upon is a great way to get your posts or pages on your website viewed by people and increase traffic.  It also offers leverage for you when it comes to REPEAT visitors.  BRANDING will always give a more professional look and feel to your audience which in turn will help build the TRUST you are looking for that promotes USER ENGAGEMENT on your website, which helps you get ranked in the search engines.

There are a few rules to follow however when it comes to making posts on GOOGLE plus.

Rules to follow:

  • You want to mix pleasure with business when making posts.  Anotherwards don’t always make posts about the business.  Post every now and then about other topics to create authentic user engagement.  If you are always posting about business people are GOING to IGNORE you.
  • When maiking posts make sure you only POST once in a while.  DO NOT make posts every 30 seconds.  IT comes off as SPAM to most people and you end up getting ignored.

 Learning Google Adwords and knowing your traffic

Google adwords is a tool that can be used to leverage keywords on a pay per click campaign to market a website.  It is a paid for service so we won’t cover too much on this topic for now.  If you are new to Google Adwords, I encourage you to DO YOUR RESEARCH on this topic before tackling it.  It can be an overload of information and can be overwhelming for a lot of people.

The BEST thing to do before utilizing this tool is to get familiar with what your traffic is doing first before you start paying money for a PPC campaign.  There are tools you can use that help with tracking your traffic that I use.  Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics.

If you are NOT USING these TRACKING TOOLS you will want to set those accounts up immediatley so that you can start watching what your traffic to your site is doing when they land on your pages.

FREE Google Advertising with Google Adsense

This is probably the easiest way and most popular way to make money with google.  Google Adsense is a form of advertising that gives you the power to tap into Fortune 500 companies and many other companies outside that scope, that pay Google out of their own marketing budgets for advertising.

Google has come up with a way to allow webmasters to get a (peice of the pie) or commission for advertising other companies that relate with a NICHE that the webmaster has built their website around.

The concept works like this.  Lets take this page to use as an example. 

First off make sure your post, blog or website page has content created around the NICHE you are marketing.  The ADS that Google Adsense displays on your pages will read the content of your page and display ADS according to the related content.

I have created this page around free advertising with Google and Google adwords.

What happens behind the scenes with Google Adsense?

Google requires a simple copy and paste of some code that GOOGLE gives you for posting an AD.   To get this code you have to go through a couple simple steps first.

  1. CREATE a Google Adsense account by going to Google and typing in the search field (Google Adsense).
  2. Go to the Google Adsense sign in page and sign up for an account.
  3. After you have signed up you will capture the code that Google Adsense gives you like seen below in step four.  (Just got to the MY ADS tab in your Google Adsense account.)
  4. Take the code and copy it and paste it to your page and you will get an AD displayed on your webpage.  (The AD will display different companies on a rotational daily, weekly type basis, that advertise under keywords that relate with the NICHE or topic.)

Do you want to know how the ad works?

What will happen when someone clicks on an AD you have on your webpage, that is from Google Adsense?  When a person clicks on the AD it will take them to a selection of companies.  On the back end of the AD it will direct them to the company on the AD at that given moment, which will have NICHE related products or services offered to consumers.

How does this benefit you?

Everytime someone CLICKS on your AD Google Adense will pay you a percentage of the BID price for a keyword a company pays Google on a (per click) basis on that AD.

See the proof for your self!

google adsense





There is so many ways to get free advertising.  I personally like Google’s free advertising because I like to try and rank my websites on Google’s search Engines.  If you are using Google tools like (google Plus), Google will often favor those websites a little more  than the websites that aren’t UTILIZING their tools.

If there is any other Google free advertising strategies I have not mentioned please feel free to comment below.

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