web.com – 5/10 points

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web com2Name: Web.com
Website: www.web.com
Price: Starting at 11.95/month
Owners: David L. Brown/CEO
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10
Who is it for? beginners – expert

Here is the latest information I am giving on web com reviews and the services provided in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate web hosting.

Web.com has an attractive variety of services to business owners.  My goal here is to cover those services and compare them to Wealthy Affiliate hosting services to determine which is a better choice for web hosting your website.

Keep in mind that in the end it’s ALL about WHAT YOU GET for the PRICE!

web.com hosting and the services provided

Web.com has over 3 million customers with 30 years of experience and service. They are very good at helping small business entities. When you start you get an in depth interview so they can understand your business. They will then have a team build out a website for you if you don’t already have one or you can do it yourself with the templates and the web site building software they give you.

From further research on reviews that I have done myself on the site, it appears they do a lot of up selling to you on other services that you can receive otherwise for one LOW COST with Wealthy Affiliate.

In this article I’m going to cover everything from the Cost versus what you actually get with the initial cost.

Hosting Cost: $11.95 per month with a billing cycle once every four weeks. They offer a 30 day exclusive offer .50   NOTE: They will NOT cater to those people that have limited budgets.  MAKE sure you call first and ask “what their definition of a limited budget is?”

Is it easy to get help?: They have a 24 by 7 customer support but according to reviews they are very slow on making changes to sites.  Sometimes people are not getting any help at all or are asked to spend more money for the tools that can help them resolve an issue.  The OWNER can not be contacted directly either.

Private coaching: There is NO private coaching available but they do offer services from professionals to build your site for you and implement SEO.  The PRICE is not given on their website so you will have to call and ask when you get your initial interview.  NOTE:  There is a community and chat forums available to get information and additional questions answered. 

Free websites:  There are applications you can use for building websites, however they don’t say whether or not they cost anything.  Also once the website is designed by their professionals it can not be re-designed or changed.

These are a few of the more IMPORTANT TOPICS to cover for web.com and what they bring to the table.  Below is a comparison of Web.com and how they COMPARE with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to see Wealthy Affiliate prices and different packages just CLICK on the GREEN button at the bottom of the comparison table.

If you have further information on web.com that you would like to add please feel free to leave a comment below and I will update the information as it is given to me and I can confirm it with web.com.

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