1 & 1 – 2/10 points

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Name: Web.com
Website: www.1and1.com
Price: Starting at 5.99/month
Owners: Robert Hoffmann/CEO
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10
Who is it for? beginners – expert

I am giving a review of 1 and 1 web hosting and the services provided in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate web hosting. On this page I am aiming to give better clarity of what all is covered in the services provided by 1 & 1.

1 & 1 has an attractive variety of services to business owners.  The target audience for this company is small to medium sized businesses and they have 6,500 total employees on staff.

They have 3 basic packages a BASIC, UNLIMITED & PERFORMANCE package which I will cover later in the hosting costs. They also cover both Linux and Windows based operating systems. Regardless of what Operating System you are a fan of 1 & 1 has you covered.

1 & 1 web hosting and the services provided

In 1988, a small German company called 1 & 1 took over marketing activities for BTX, the troubled online service run by T-Com (a sister company of T-Mobile). The fledgling corporation 1&1 decided to try something innovative – a future trademark of the company – and launched the first major advertising campaign for an online service. The ads took the complex new technology and made it appealing and easy to understand. Interest soared and because of 1&1, BTX became the market leader under its new name – T-Online

1 n 1 web hosting has over 13.64 million customers with over 70,000 highly efficient web servers with state of the art technology and performance from their Foundry and CISCO servers in their own Data Center.  They are also very focused on Security and keeping user data secure with one of their leading providers Symantec.  A GEO TRUST SSL certificate is used along with the services provided by Symantec to ensure security for your website.  This is GOOD news for those of you who are worried about hackers.

19 million domains have been registered with them since the birth of the company back in 1988.

Hosting Cost: 

BASIC – This package is a standard basic package starting at $0.99 for the first month and $5.99/Month after the first month.

1 & 1 3UNLIMITED – A package for hosting multiple websites with unlimited web space.  The package starts at $5.99/Month.

PERFORMANCE – This package is good if you have a high traffic sites that are already established and an authority in their NICHE.  You can start this package for $10.99/Month.

As you can see from the packages they have a few good choices for business owners.   These packages come with multiple choices for a website builder software.   You have a pick from WordPress, Typo3, Drupal and many more!

Is it easy to get help?:  They have a Support line as well as email but email takes about 12 to 24 hours before someone will get back with you. Customer support is non-existent when it comes to systems issues. During setup NOTHING is configured for you and the storage space they claim to give you is fractionally less until you administer more manually.  NOTE: If you a purchase a domain it is not instant, you will wait (Who knows how long) before you can set up your website and get rolling.

Private coaching:  There is no private coaching included for SEO and marketing your website.  In fact it is difficult to get a hold of anyone, so besides what they say they offer GOOD LUCK trying to get the help you need.

 Free websites: They do offer a free domain when you sign up and they offer a variety of website builder applications such as WordPress, Typo3, Drupal and MANY more.  The only concern is if they up sell on this part because they don’t say if it is SOLD separate from hosting on their website.

My website 1 and 1 comparison

If you have any other information about 1 & 1 I have not covered here in this review please feel free to provide your comments below. I will be sure to add information to this review as I update it because my ultimate goal is to help people make a more educated decision with the information I am sharing.

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