BlueHost – 6/10 points

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Name: BlueHost
Price: Starting at 3.95/month
Owners: Dan Handy
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10
Who is it for? beginners – expert

Bluehost Hosting and it’s history

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and is located beneath the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.   They are one of the worlds largest cloud based online solutions and is built on a foundation of open source technology.  They host for over 1.9 million websites at the present moment.  With a staff of around 700 employees they are determined to deliver the support their customers deserve by designing and managing their servers internally with custom software.

They pride themselves in building its own nationwide (North America) fiber network and builds it own custom linux kernel.  The facilities that Bluehost operates out of are  the 50,000 square foot headquarters with two secondary data center locations totaling more than 20,000 square feet of data center space. This also  includes UPS power, multiple 10GB fiber connections to locations all over the world and their very own diesel generators to safe gaurd their assets.

Bluehost offers a variety of services from WordPress hosting, shared hosting to an unique education system that helps you build out a ONLINE PORTFOLIO through blogs and other tools to help GET YOU STARTED in your online ventures with owning a website.

Throughout this article I will give more insight into details on packaging such as pricing and of course, WHAT YOU GET with the pricing on specific packages.

Cpanel for Bluehost

When you first login to Bluehost you will notice they use Cpanel .  Within Cpanel There are options to set up email, migration and website design.  The only down fall to this is that it does cost a FEE to do this.  You can opt out of setting up for a FEE if you are familiar with Cpanel.  So for all you

Installing WordPress from the cPanel is an easy task . All you need to do is click on “WordPress” in the Site Builders section and scroll down to WordPress in the script list.  After the installation is complete you will be bombarded with offers to also install UppSite, SmallBiz Thtme, Cashie Commerce and SiteWit.

 Bluehost Hosting Review

Hosting Cost:

  1. Shared Hosting – There is a STARTER, PLUS and BUSINESS PRO package available. The starter package is $3.95 per month with a $50.00 marketing offer included.   Plus package costs $5.95 per month and includes a $200.00 marketing offer with a global CDN and a SPAM expert.  The Business Pro package is $13.95 per month and includes a $200.00 marketing offer, global CDN, 2 spam experts, 1 SSL, 1 dedicated IP, 1 domain privacy, Site Backup Pro and High Performance.   FOR more details on these packages see the picture.
  2. VPS Hosting – There are 4 options for this plan.  STANDARD, ENHANCED, PREMIUM and ULTIMATE.  The prices on these packages vary from $14.99 – $55.99 for the first month, depending on what package you purchase.
  3. Dedicated Hosting –  There is 3 packages included in this category. STANDARD, ENHANCED and PREMIUM.  Prices vary on these packages vary from $74.99 – $124.99 for the first month depending on which deal you decide to purchase.

Is it easy to get help?:  They have excellent support from reviews that are out there from customers.  They offer a 24 by 7 customer support line and a Robust training Center or knowledge base that gives you access to tutorials, guides and videos for help.

Private coaching:  Yes, They offer a knowledge base and 24 by 7 support with tutorial guides and videos included. For an additional $29.99 you can get the Quick Start option which allows you to get 1 on 1 training from a Bluehost expert as you build your website.

Free websites: No, Cpanel is included with WordPress as a platform to build your website.  This is part of a new package Bluehost offers called the WordPress Hosting option.

There are 4 different options for this version of hosting. BLOGGER, PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE options are available and range from $12.49 – $85.00 for the first month depending on your selection.  For details on pricing for each option click here.


If you have any comments about Bluehost or an experience with Bluehost you would like to share feel free to leave your comments below.

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