Top 5 Internet marketing mistakes

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Internet marketing has been around since the introduction of the internet and has rapidly evolved along with the internet and search engines.  In fact, the internet has changed so much that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the changes.  As new tools come online for internet marketers to use, there are also rules that change in regards to (what to DO and what NOT to do) in the internet marketing world.

My main focus is to cover different marketing techniques that can either turn into bad habits and hurt your rankings or distract you from what really matters when ranking a website.

Mistake #1 – Focusing too much on Keyword research tracking

It is a very exciting feeling to get ranked on the first page of Google.  I remember when I got my first website ranked, I was so excited that I immediately started digging around in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools trying to determine what my traffic was doing.  There is a necessary time to do this kind of research and normally that would be when you are launching a PPC campaign.

DON’T become obsessed with trying to track keywords from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.  You can literally spend hours trying to decide what to do next with selecting your next keywords and looking for keywords that you may not have thought of before.  So many people get caught up on selecting the PERFECT keyword that they forget about the MOST important factor in ranking a website.  Creating quality content on each page and post they create.  The more content you create the better chance of ranking on keywords and your site becoming an authoritative site.

Once a website is getting ranked, through out time, other keywords will start ranking.  Don’t worry about this in the beginning phases of building out your website.  It takes time for this to occur and if this is your main focus on keywords then you might end up quitting or getting seriously discouraged when you are not ranking right away under those keywords you selected.

Mistake #2 – Backlinking to banned domains and banned pages

There are a lot of backlinking directories on the internet that claim they can give you the TRAFFIC you need to get ranked on Google.  Do your research before getting involved with any backlink building directory.   These companies that offer these submissions to directories and post your website URL are submitting to pages that are low quality and don’t generate much TRAFFIC at all.  There are some directories that

A few years back before the Panda Update that Goolge released, it was okay to have backlinks and backlinks appeared to be good for most websites according to Google Algorithms.  Sites were ranking in search engines that really did not carry any value to them.  Google was getting bad websites ranking on the front page of Google that did not belong there in the first place and because of this users were turning away from Google’s search engine.

You can use directory submissions but I would stay away from them.  You DON’T know what you are getting a lot of times and it really is not worth the money spent on backlinks.  They don’t carry as much weight as they used to on search engines to be worried to much about backlinks anymore.

You can use GOOGLE ALERTS and create backlinks that way if you want backlinks.

If you are concerned about a website being banned you can check out  Type in the URL and it will tell you if Google has banned the page for any reason.







Mistake #3 – Why are there so many ads?

Another mistake that we all can make and is very easy to do, is putting to many ADs on a page of your website.  What is a good number of ADs to put on a website?  There is not an exact answer to this question but I would say no more than 2 or 3.   Depending on what type of ADs are being placed, I usually will put one at the top of the page and one in the middle of the page or the bottom of the page.

The key thing to remember with ADs is that if they are too BIG and there is to many of them you will come off as SPAMMY to your visitors.  No one wants to feel like they are being bombarded by ADs.  You want to keep visitors on your page so when you are placing ADs ask yourself, “would stay on the page if you were a visitor?”

A good size Ad is a medium sized AD and usually I go with a square AD.  NOTE: A good techniques to practice with ADs, is to shorten affiliate links on the back end with a tool like Pretty Link plugin for WordPress.  Label your affiliate links so when visitors hover over the AD or click on the affiliate link it relates with the AD.  An example would be a sign-up offer for Amazon.  You might want to label your ADs affiliate link or shorten it up to read (Amazon-sign up page.)

Mistake #4 – Customer engagement management

When it comes to running an online business one of the most common mistakes made by beginners is that they don’t use any method of customer engagement.  They build a website and let it sit there with no comment option open for visitors.

It is crucial when first getting a website off the ground that you spend sometime BRANDING your self or business.  What is branding? Branding occurs when people go to you for a service or product before they go to anyone else.  It happens when you are recognized as being the business or associated with the business.

So how do you get recognized as a BRAND?  The easiest way to get recognition with users visiting your website is to leave your comments section open on your site.  When people can interact with the content you put on a post it makes it more enjoyable for the users reading.  Everyone has an opinion and it gives visitors some comfort knowing that you are open for suggestions or information they might have that you don’t.

If you don’t respond back to people how do you ever expect to build trust?  If people leave comments for you or ask questions, it is CRITICAL that you respond back.  Response time to comments being left on your site is the BEST way to build trust between you and your customers.  DO THIS one simple task every 2 or 3 days and you will build trust between you and your visitors over time.

Once the trust is there, then you can start getting repeat visitors to your site.

 Mistake #5 – Is my writing any good?

This is probably one of the most IMPORTANT and talked about topics in the internet marketing world. Writing good quality content and making sure it relates with your website NICHE is a MUST.

You want to make sure your content that your write has some value to it. If people visit a website that talks about women’s basketball shoes and your NICHE is women’s soccer then chances are visitors will LEAVE your site the second they start reading your content.

The goal is to keep people ENGAGED and reading your content. So make sure that what you are writing is something that people can gain some knowledge on and that it relates to your NICHE.

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