Chris Farrell review – 80 / 100 Points

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Chris Farrell membership, is it a scam or legit?ChrisFarrel

Name: Chris Farrell Membership
Price: 1st week is $1, $37 per month after that, $997 for Mentor Me
Owners: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Chris Farrell Membership Overview

There are many different programs out there on internet marketing but which one is the best program for you when it comes to your time and money?  My mission is to add some clarity to these programs and cover reviews on programs such as the Chris Farrell Membership.  I am giving this review and covering the advantages and disadvantages to being a member with Chris Farrell for those who are struggling with making money online and the opportunities that are out there to do so.

Even though it is a sales video page (which is a “Sketchy” indicator to me), it actually has a lot of beneficial internet marketing information going on in the background.  It does not quite stack up to my review on Wealthy Affiliate, but go ahead and decide for yourself by reading the rest of this review on this program.

Who is Chris Farrell?  Chris is a regarded as one of the more successful internet marketers in the industry and was voted by the IMReport in 2011, 2012 and 2013 as the #1 coaching program online. Chris got his start online back in 2008 and with little to no experience.  Within 6 months he had increased his income to $200.00 daily and after about 9 months he had achieved around $1,000.00 a day.  In August of 2010 he had succeeded in reaching over 1 million in sales and has never looked back since.  Chris has a very large audience and his followers hold him in high regards for his help and his learning techniques that he offers.  

This site was built for the purpose of helping people succeed and profit in online marketing of their website by using the very same techniques that Chris has used over the years.  The program really focuses on tactics and marketing strategies that you will need to build your website, drive traffic and build leads that are a MUST in order to profit online.  He does a very good job of giving a step by step process of what he does in order to be successful by providing videos, tutorials and much more!

What does the Chris Farrell Membership offer?


  • If you do not have any experience building a website, do not worry.  The program offers templates already pre built for your website.
  • You can get started at a low cost.
  • All of the information is broken down into video lessons you receive daily and supplemented with tutorials and manuals.
  • The support is pretty good.


  • The amount of time that must be invested in the program is not clearly explained.
  • There are extras that are not included along with monthly fees that aren’t covered up front.
  • A FREE trial is not available.
  • It is lacking the TRUE community and owner support aspect.

Who can benefit from the Membership?

It is a program that is geared towards beginners because of the step by step guides and videos and the easy to follow template to help in the creation of your website.   This however, is a bit deceiving in appearance for folks that are not that good with technology.  A website is an absolute requirement these days and the membership definitely understands that by trying their best to cater to your website development and hosting needs.

Overall this program is designed for a beginner in the internet marketing world as the main focus in this program is towards the basics, such as hosting, getting your domain set up and auto-responders, ect.

Tools & Training

You will receive access to twenty one days of daily video training modules. Some of what you will be learning includes the following below:

  • Learning how to create your own E-Book.
  • WordPress Wealth
  • Monetize Mondays
  • Killer Copy-writing techniques
  • Learn how to create your own products

There is an abundance of videos that are equipped with a step by step, blueprint type guide, that will tell you what to do, how to do it and when to do it.  You will also receive tutorials and the resources you have access to are updated but not on a regular basis.  Outside of the Forum threads it can sometimes feel like their is a lack of daily activity that takes place and it can give the impression to the member that the program is at a stand still.

What is the Chris Ferrell Support Like?

There is a discussion forum that is driven by members which allows you to ask questions or get support when needed.  Chris also leaves a phone number as well which he urges members to call if they have any questions or concerns however Many folks have complained about the lack of support and a lack of community.  There is also a feeling that the information being shared in forums is posted by “team members” that are not as qualified as they try to perceive themselves as when they are helping you out.  Chris is also not very present in the forum.

If you are a beginner, you do receive a forum that you can get some use out of and there are threads that teach some pretty good basics but if you are looking for specific questions to be answered you may be left doing your own research for quite some time.  Overall the support within the program is “present” and I would have say, better than some, but I wouldn’t say it is excellent by any means.

BEWARE of the UPSELL – There is also a upsell for a “high ticket” item Chris offers.  It is his Mentor Me program which is $997.00.  This is a typical move made by individuals that have a dominant presence and a lot of success within internet marketing.  Not everyone does this but the “gurus” typically will get you into their program at a low price (The $1 sign up fee) and then try to convert you or force you into a higher ticketed item.   Most of the attention goes to the UPSELL because without the upsell, you don’t get the quality of support.  It’s because of this factor that the overall SUPPORT gets a lower ranking in my review.

So what is the chris Farrell membership pricing?

When you first join the Membership program there is a trial membership to the site that will cost $1 for 7 days.  After the first week is over you are billed $37 per month as long as you remain a member.  Don’t forget about the fees associated with the domains either, These are a MUST and those will cost $10 per year.

The Mentor Me program is an additional $997 and this is pushed to you within the back office of the membership.

My final thoughts on this membership?

It is very well thought out and designed program for beginners without any fluff expectations that other sites and programs will promote.  It is NOT a get rich quick scheme and Chris makes that very clear by stating that you will have to put in the time to see the results.

The videos are straight forward, manageable in length and easy to understand so that you are not overwhelmed and spending hours trying to tackle a single lesson.  The lessons are very basic and they are not updated very often and because of this some of them are also outdated.  Pricing is comparable to other programs of its type which is also a positive.

Overall it is not a bad program, but it also not what I would consider to be the best program if you are looking to not only start, but grow a successful business online. You may outgrow this program very quick if you have any level of experience.

Below I have put together a side by side comparison to Wealthy Affiliate so you can make your own educated decision on which is better.

Name: Chris Farrell Membership
Price: 1st week is $1, $37 per month after that, $997 for Mentor Me
Owners: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


If you have any experiences or information you would like to share on the Chris Farrell Review please feel free to leave your comments below.

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